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Simulation Apps

Simulation for Everyone using Simulation Apps

Making Simulation Practical and Safe for Non-Experts!

The ease, efficiency and speed of using simulation software is perhaps the primary factor impacting how frequently and widely simulation is conducted.  Historically, its complex nature limited usage to a very small group of highly experienced experts. In response, Simulation Apps has emerged as a means to allow a much broader audience of non-specialists and occasional users to safely benefit from simulation.


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    What good is a revolution if it doesn’t result in change? See how companies are achieving measurable improvements in time savings, simulation data…

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  • Engineering with Excel

    With the right tools and best practices, organizations can move the digital thread forward and keep Excel.

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    The tried-and-true spreadsheet remains an engineering staple despite an eye-popping palette of state-of-the-art technologies, from advanced simulation to product lifecycle management (PLM), each intended to bring efficiencies and productivity gains to design workflows.

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  • Enabling Democratization by Engineers for Engineers

    John Aldred, VP of Product Management for HBM Prenscia provides this presentation at the CAASE 18 conference.

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    This presentation discusses: why democratization is not more widely adopted, Democratization in practice, Democratization in the hands of engineers, and the process to create an App.

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  • Engineering to Dollars – Streamlining a Complex Configuration, Modeling and Proposal Generation Process Into a Simulation App

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    Generating a proposal for a wind farm project was a massive undertaking, involving site suitability analysis, proposal generation, and subsequent project management. The highly manual process involved many disjointed steps involving software, documents and data, emails and meetings in order to obtain the necessary input from experts familiar with specific components and engineering, environmental and business issues. Proposals were taking many weeks to complete, negatively impacting GE’s competitive position.

    By creating a custom Simulation App, GE was able to create and deploy a substantially simplified and streamlined solution.

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  • Simulation Apps Greatly Expands User Base For CAE and Spreadsheet Models At P&G

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    P&G determined that software modeling tools are critical for the kind of innovation necessary to develop thousands of consumer products competitively, and has therefore invested heavily in a variety of modeling and simulation technologies. Realizing that the benefits of modeling and simulation could be scaled by orders of magnitude if only these tools could be made usable by a much wider and larger group, P&G turned to EASA to help democratize modeling tools as intuitive streamlined web apps.

    Previously limited to specialists, many tools (and related workflows) such as spreadsheets, legacy codes, databases and CAE applications were quickly repackaged as EASA web apps, which offer:
    • Ease of use, built in intelligence, consistent look-and-feel, and error-checking
    • Ease of access, running with complete reliability (even on mobile devices), with no dependence on locally installed software
    • Intellectual property security and audit trail of usage

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  • Fit for Purpose App at ZF & TRW Automotive

    Learn how a Pitman Arm Smart Generator process was reduced from 2 weeks down to only a few hours with a fit for purpose app.

    Solution Providers:


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    ZF and TRW Automotive worked with Front End Analytics and EASA to have fit for purpose app developed for a Pitman Arm Smart Generator, allowing users to confidently create new designs with any web browser in minutes!

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  • Modernizing Legacy Inhouse Codes with Simulation Apps

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    The problem of legacy applications

    Over the past four decades, IT staff at Monsanto have developed many custom applications to help the firm’s managers, engineers, and plant operators to solve problems specific to the business. However, these applications were developed in the days of DOS; being command line driven, they were very difficult to use, especially for younger employees accustomed to more modern graphical user interfaces.

    Moving to a new environment

    Monsanto decided to utilize EASA’s patented approach. EASA enables rapid codeless creation and deployment of web-based applications that connect to one or more existing software tools.


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