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System Simulation

The Ultimate Arbiter of Product Performance

It All Comes Down to the System!

In the end, it all comes down to the system performance of a given system or systems of systems. The components may be optimized, but if the system architecture is wrong, or your control software is buggy, the product will flop.  Simulation is the perfect tool for system design and system verification and validation. Here, you’ll access the latest news, articles, presentations, videos, webinars, and success stories related to system simulation.

  • Open Standards

    Open standards enable innovation. Systems need standards in order to connect models from different domains into the cyber-physical system. Check out the Modelica language and the FMI Standard.

  • Cyber-Physics

    An ever larger value in a product comes from software. It can be for controls, autonomy, or in the cloud as part of the Internet of Things. For mobility, the leading software stack is AUTOSAR.
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