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Simulation Automation (Templates)

Simulation Automation is critical to achieve the Democratization of Simulation

Do you wish to Automate your Simulation Processes?

Simulation Automation using templates has been used by many organizations to significantly improve the accuracy, consistency, repeatability, and efficiency of performing complex simulations.  For example, the use of SimApps – simple-to-use Apps that drive underlying Simulation Automation Templates – has put the power of simulation in the hands of non-experts in many product development organizations. Web-Deploying these SimApps provides ubiquitous access to them, often across global organizations, ensuring that best practices are not just documented, but enforced via executable templates.

  • Success Stories

    What good is a revolution if it doesn’t result in useful change? See how companies are achieving significant time savings with measurable improvements in consistency, accuracy & repeatability…

  • Template-Based Simulation

    Interesting discussion among members of the NAFEMS Simulation Data Management Working Group on the pros and cons of Template-Based Design Analysis.