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Democratizing HPC

High Performance Computing for Everyone!

HPC is available to you today if you need it!

This public resource center contains information related to how anyone can easily gain access to HPC resources and expertise.

What is HPC?  There are lots of terms that essentially are variations of the same thing:  HPC (High Performance Computing), Advanced Modeling, Simulation & Analysis, Technical Computing, Cluster Computing, Parallel Computing.  Specifically, these refer to computers at the frontline of current computational processing capacity.

Why would you use HPC?  For some situations, experimentation may not be adequate to test theories because things may be too small to see and measure, systems may be too large and remote, or processes can be too fast or too complex.  Alternatively, simulations or analyzes may take too long  or the size of the data is too large to be contained on a personal computer.

  • Success Stories

    UberCloud has successfully completed six rounds of cloud experiments over the past few years.  The case studies can be found online at their website as annual compendiums.

  • Case Studies

    AweSim has several dozen case studies that document clients use of HPC resources.  These include sectors such as advanced manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, bio-health, food processing and logistics.