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  • Simulation Applications Enable Digitalization at ABB Traction Motors

    Simulation Applications Enable Digitalization at ABB Traction Motors

    Industry 4.0 and digital twins are buzzwords we hear on a daily basis. But how far have companies come, and how does COMSOL come into play in the new era? Here, we will look into one successful case, where ABB Traction Motors intends to make mass customization available by using simulation applications for electric motor design. By turning high-fidelity multiphysics models into simulation applications, new analysis capabilities are planned to be available to several departments, from product design to sales.

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  • COMSOL Blog (Ed Fontes): Digital Twins: Not Just Hype

    COMSOL Blog: "Is the term “digital twin” just hype, or a trick to get a new angle to sell modeling software? In this blog post, we discuss the difference between models, applications, and digital twins. We conclude that although the term has been misused to a certain extent (in relation to the original formulation), there is substance behind it."

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  • 3 “Digital Twin” Stocks for Your Portfolio

    Growth in the Internet of Things is spurring interest in digital twins. Here's how you can make money from it.

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  • Virtual Sensors in Digital Twins

    Virtual Sensors in Digital Twins

    "By definition, a virtual sensor is a type of software that, given the available information, processes what a physical sensor otherwise would. It learns to interpret the relationships between the different variables, and observes readings from the different instruments. Think of it as a kind of a “ghost” of the physical sensor." (Chad Jackson)

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  • Understanding the Simulation Revolution

    Understanding the Simulation Revolution

    More and more organizations are looking to improve their competitiveness by leveraging analysis, simulation, and systems engineering for improved design decision support, Simulation-Driven Design, generative design and robust performance evaluation of their full portfolio of products and processes

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  • The Growing Acceptance of CAE

    Simulation is being used for lawsuits in court, treating schizophrenia, use in middle school education and in deep learning.

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  • Democratization in FEA

    Democratization is defined as the action of making something accessible to everyone. In the context of finite element analysis (FEA), this is usually defined as making FEA software easy to use for a non-expert.

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  • Simulate Sooner

    Simulate Sooner

    What you need to implement a simulation-driven design workflow. Design engineering Magazine, December 2018.

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