Papers & Research Briefs

Role of Simulation Governance in the Democratization of Simulation: Accelerating the Adoption of Smart Simulation Apps

Ricardo Actis, ESRD Inc.
May, 2016

Making the full power of simulation available to everyone: At the confluence of solution-specific web-apps, “Lights-out” automation, design optimization tools, and “infinite, elastic” computing on the cloud.

Malcolm Panthaki, Comet Solutions; Zack Eckblad, Intel® Corp.; Glenn Steyer, American Axle Manufacturing; Sree Anandavally, Magna Cosma International; Michael Tiller, Xogeny Inc.; R. Sahu, J-C. Mahuet, T. Keer, Comet Solutions
June, 2015 – NAFEMS World Conference

Democratizing CAE: Simulation Apps Offer Potential Hundredfold Growth in CAE Usage

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research, LLC
November, 2015

American Axle & Manufacturing Sees Dramatic Productivity Gains, Cost Savings from Automating NVH Analysis Process with Comet NVH Driveline SimApp

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research, LLC
September, 2015

General Dynamics Land Systems Achieves Early Simulation in a Unified Performance-Engineering Workspace Based on Abstract Modeling

Bruce Jenkins, Ora Research, LLC
September, 2008