The engineering simulation and analysis ecosystem is populated by numerous simulation associations, organizations, and alliances whose work contributes to the development, adoption, and maturation of new technologies which expand the reliable use of simulation. The organizations listed below are widely respected for their focus on advancing engineering simulation.

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ASSESS is a broad reaching multi-industry initiative that began with the goal to expand the use and benefit of software tools for model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering.

The changing role of Engineering Simulation is really about business benefits. However, achieving those benefits and associated growth of the Engineering Simulation market is tempered due to the lack of expertise available. A simulation revolution needs to occur which will bring a whole new set of opportunities and challenges.

The vision of the ASSESS Initiative is to bring together key players for guiding and influencing the software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering. The ASSESS initiative has been organized around a key set of themes associated with expanding the usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation as follows:  ALIGNment of Commercial, Research and Government Efforts, BUSINESS Challenges, Engineering Simulation CREDIBILITYDoES Democratization of Engineering Simulation, GENERATIVE Design, and INTEGRATION of Systems and Detailed Sub-System Simulations.

The ASSESS Initiative will collaborate with multiple activities and organizations across the complete spectrum of Engineering Simulation such as the Revolution in Simulation.

Contact: Joe Walsh

NAFEMS mission is to provide knowledge, international collaboration, and educational opportunities for the use and validation of engineering simulation.

In recent years, we have made efforts to educate the community on the key elements of democratization and simulation governance, which includes partnering with industry thought leaders to capture and disseminate information. An example of this includes the “Simulation 20/20: The Next Five Years” webinar series, which saw NAFEMS partner with a number of industry thought leaders and end-user companies to deliver a year-long webinar series covering three major themes: Democratization, Simulation Governance, and Business Challenges. In particular, the Democratization series consisted of an introductory webinar and four additional sessions on Knowledge Capture & Reuse, Usability, Accessibility, and Next-Generation Simulation Environment. These five sessions alone were attended by over 1,200 individuals and have served as a resource to the community since.

NAFEMS continues to collaborate with other organizations and initiatives, such as Revolution in Simulation, to drive awareness and disseminate information to the greater engineering analysis and simulation community.

NAFEMS, a not-for-profit organization established in 1983, is the only worldwide independent association dedicated to engineering simulation. Currently, there are more than 1300 member organizations worldwide ranging from major global corporations through small-scale engineering consultants.

Contact: Matt Ladzinski