Webinar: Simulations in Medical Device Designs

Thursday, April 16, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM Eastern
Duration: 1 Hour
Registration: Go here to register


Many medical devices operate in a multiphysics environment. One of the physics that many devices use is electromagnetic energy, and how that energy interacts with the extraordinary complexity of the human body. This energy typically generates heat that will transfer throughout the body.

Medical device engineers seek to control this heating due to the dangerous effects of elevated temperatures on tissue. The complexity of the human body often causes challenges for engineers seeking to calculate how heat transfers. Multiphysics simulations help these engineers better understand how their device will interact with the body and reduces frustration in the physical prototyping process.

In this webinar, AltaSim Technologies will share their experience in using simulations in medical device design operating in a multiphysics environment. The webinar will include a demonstration of an ablation device that uses high-frequency electromagnetic energy to heat a deforming blood vessel. This simulation includes the effects of wall deformation on blood flow and heat transfer. A Q&A session will conclude the webinar.