Webinar Recording: Revolutionizing Simulation: How Manufacturing Companies Successfully Deploy Next-Generation Technologies to Turbocharge the Impact of Simulation

The adoption of Model-Based Systems Engineering is enabling the end-to-end digital engineering transformation currently underway in many industries.  By applying modeling techniques to up-front systems engineering, practitioners are able to describe design intent with architectural models that can be automatically tested for completeness and consistency.  These models can then serve as the backbone for modeling and simulation efforts, detailed design (both hardware and software), testing and integration, and downstream support from operations and maintenance through disposal.

This webinar will discuss the advantages of using automated validation to generate a descriptive system model with synchronized structure and behavior and illustrate ways in which this information can be transformed to support modeling and simulation.  The use of models for failure analysis, sprint planning, and classification/data rights management will also be discussed.

View the webinar recording here.