Webinar: Democratization of Simulation Governance-Compliant Sim Apps

Monday, July 29, 2019
1:00 PM (Eastern)

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When utilized by engineers without specialized training, simulation technologies (and Sim Apps) based on legacy FEA struggle to deliver trustworthy solutions due to their inability to objectively measure and report solution quality, an essential requirement of Sim Gov. So what is needed?

This webinar will discuss why it is essential that Sim Apps implement Numerical Simulation technologies which enable the practice of Sim Gov in order for the vision of democratization of simulations to be realized, as well as why it is important for engineering managers to get on the Sim Gov train sooner rather than later.

WEBINAR Highlights

  • This four-part webinar will be jointly presented by ESRD and Revolution in Simulation™ (Rev-Sim), and will explore the following questions and concepts:
    • žPart 1: What is a Simulation Application – Sim App?
    • žPart 2: Why is Simulation Governance compliance critical for the development and deployment of FEA-based Sim Apps?
    • Part 3: What FEA technology is required to support the democratization of Simulation Governance-compliant, Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Sim Apps?
    • Part 4: Demonstration of a Simulation Governance-compliant, FEA-based COTS tool supporting the A&D Industry for the democratization of engineering simulations (ESRD’s CAE-HB)
  • LIVE DEMO: You will see a live demonstration of ESRD’s CAE Handbook, a COTS, Sim Gov-compliant Sim App based on ESRD’s StressCheck® Professional numerical simulation technology.

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