VCollab delivers 3D Digital CAE Reports to MSC customers through the MSCOneXT Program

Troy, MI, USA — Visual Collaboration Technologies Inc. (VCollab), the developer of Digital CAE Reports, is proud to announce that VCollab solutions are now available through the MSCOneXT  (MSCOne Extended Edition) program.

The availability of VCollab’s 3D Digital reporting software in the MSCOneXT  program provides direct access for MSC Software customers, enabling them to automate the processing and reporting of analysis results through the creation of 3D Digital CAE Reports using results data from most major commercial solvers. With VCollab’s 3D Digital Report, CAE organizations share actionable simulation insights with business and technical stakeholders across the enterprise to aid in the review and understanding of CAE results while simultaneously improving the productivity of their analysts.

Simulation organizations face an ever-growing demand to deliver more product performance studies with little or no headcount increase, thus driving simulation leadership to search for efficiencies. Many steps in the “end-to-end” simulation process have been automated, with the notable exception of post-processing and report generation. Today, post-processing & report generation are manual, time-consuming processes that consume 15-25% of highly skilled CAE analyst’s time and yield low-fidelity 2D analysis results documentation to be shared with their design stakeholders and global teams.

Low-fidelity 2D CAE reports have been the standard within most major market verticals since CAE’s inception.  These manually created 2D reports come with a host of challenges:

In comparison, VCollab’s 3D “Digital CAE Reports” can be created 50-90% faster and will allow CAE report consumers to quickly and clearly understand what is being shared by the analyst enabling them to more confidently make design decisions.

Prasad Mandava, CEO, VCollab commented: “VCollab is excited to be a partner in delivering industry-leading simulation solutions from MSC Software.  By combining the power of MSC Nastran, Marc, Adams, CAEfatigue, SimManager & many other solvers with VCollab’s unique 3D Digital CAE Reporting, we are helping companies to streamline the way they process and share simulation results with product design stakeholders. This allows CAE report consumers to quickly and clearly understand product performance for faster, better informed design decisions. Where analyses have been conducted using independent tools, VCollab can also serve as the unifying post-processor to present multiple physics in one 3D Digital Report. Democratizing this information can help transform the process of simulation to bring better & more innovative products faster to market.”

MSC Nastran, Marc & CAEfatigue have existing integrations with VCollab, providing easy access to powerful reporting.  Adams multibody dynamics also integrates with the software to seamlessly export interactive 3D models and systems’ behavior. Customers that employ Simulation Process Data Management (SPDM) using SimManager gain instant benefits from token-based access to VCollab, enabling them to exploit the rich data from SimManager to report on a project’s progress across engineering disciplines.

VCollab’s Digital CAE Reports provide a standard data format for visualizing, comparing, interrogating, and documenting CAE results across multiple 3D physics domains including the support of multi-disciplinary design, co-simulation visualization and optimization activities so that MSC customers can maximize the utilization of simulation models and results.  The VCollab suite is now available to MSC Software customers through the  MSCOneXT program.

MSCOneXT  enhances MSCOne with industry-leading technology partners. MSCOne users can try new products that extend and complement the capabilities of their MSC tools using tokens, taking their simulation one step further with access to software that enhances their workflows, but without the complexity, risk, or cost of managing agreements with multiple CAE suppliers.

About Visual Collaboration Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Troy, MI, Visual Collaboration Technologies is a privately-owned software solutions company with offices in Texas and Bangalore. VCollab has helped more than 100 manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, high tech, and industrial companies to deliver better products by enabling 3D Digital CAE Reports with actionable simulation insights for sharing across teams, locations, and global supply chains. VCollab partners with all major CAE vendors, including ANSYS, Dassault Systemes, MSC Software, and Siemens Digital Industries Software, and is a member of the NAFEMS SPDM Working Group.