The Revolution in Simulation Initiative Continues to Gain Momentum as Aras Joins the Growing List of Sponsors

JANUARY 31, 2019; USA – The new industry collaboration and technology alliance Revolution In Simulation (“Rev-Sim” at, created to accelerate innovation through the democratization of engineering simulation, announces the addition of Aras Corporation ( as a new sponsor for 2019.

Aras, the leader in open product lifecycle management (PLM) software for the enterprise, provides an open, flexible, scalable, and upgradable PLM platform that enables global companies to modernize and transform systems engineering processes across the lifecycle to connect people and product information throughout the enterprise. Aras brings a Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) capability into its open PLM platform to provide a way for organizations to connect simulation, and simulation experts, to mainstream engineering processes for traceability, access, and reuse across the product lifecycle.

Aras adds its name to a growing list of sponsors including: ASSESS, Comet Solutions, EASA, ESRD, ESTECO, Front End Analytics, Kinetic Vision, NAFEMS, PLM Alliances and VCollab. These innovative organizations are providing the expertise and funding to support the growing industry-wide movement to make engineering simulation more accessible, efficient, and reliable not just for CAE experts but also for everyone in the enterprise – what is commonly referred to as the “Democratization of Simulation”.

RevSim.Org co-founder, Rich McFall comments:
“As a non-profit seeking initiative, our sponsors are critical in fueling the Democratization of Simulation movement. We are excited to see Aras joining other market leaders who are demonstrating their revolutionary thought leadership by supporting RevSim.Org with their expertise, resources and funding that benefits industrial users of simulation technologies.”

Aras SVP of Strategy, Marc Lind, comments:
“Aras is pleased to be a sponsor of the Revolution in Simulation community. With our recent acquisition of Comet Solutions and its unique simulation automation platform, Aras has committed to adding effective and seamless Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) to its open and extensible PLM platform, Innovator. This brings the full power of simulation and simulation data to everyone on the Aras Platform, across the enterprise. The revolution in simulation is here and we are a part of it!”

About Aras
Aras enables the world’s leading manufacturers of complex, connected products to transform their product lifecycle processes and gain a competitive edge. Aras’ open, flexible, scalable, and upgradable PLM platform and applications connect users in all disciplines and functions to critical product information and processes across the extended enterprise. Aras customers include Airbus, BAE Systems, GE, GM, Hitachi, Honda, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, and Microsoft. Visit and follow us on Twitter @aras_plm and LinkedIn.

About Rev-Sim LLC
RevolutionInSimulation.Org is a web-based community platform and resource portal that educates, advocates, collaborates and innovates for the democratization of simulation. Advanced simulation and simulation data should be safely accessible to everyone – not just the experts. Democratized Simulation makes analysis more powerful and capable for CAE experts while accessible, safe and reliable for non-experts. is a public online resource containing information related to a movement gaining momentum throughout the simulation world – the Democratization of Simulation. Here, you’ll access the latest news, articles, presentations, white papers, videos, webinars, success stories and related materials. You’ll also have access to industry experts, organizations, and service and software providers who can help you leverage this revolution and maximize the ROI of your simulation investments.

Existing and new industry users of simulation technologies are invited to explore our resources and submit their questions about democratization to our panel of subject matter experts and topic moderators at Solution providers are invited to join the revolution as a sponsor: or contact Rich McFall at