The Revolution in Simulation Continues to Gain Momentum as Pointwise, Inc. Joins the Growing List of Sponsors

JUNE 5, 2019; USA – The industry collaboration and technology alliance Revolution In Simulation (“Rev-Sim” at, created to accelerate innovation through the democratization of engineering simulation, announces Pointwise, Inc. ( as a new sponsor for 2019.

“How do you democratize engineering simulation and make it safe and reliable for non-experts? A good start would be to make mesh generation invisible”, said John Chawner, president of Pointwise, Inc. “That’s why Pointwise is sponsoring Revolution in Simulation, to be part of a diverse team dedicated to making simulation more broadly accessible. We view democratization as more than a zero-sum game; we see it as elevating simulation for practitioners across the entire spectrum of expertise.”

Pointwise adds its name to a growing list of sponsors including: ANSYS, Aras, ASSESS, Beyond CAE, EASA, ESRD, ESTECO, Front End Analytics, Kinetic Vision, Modelon, NAFEMS, Ohio Supercomputer Center, PASS, PLM Alliances, UberCloud and VCollab. These innovative organizations are providing the expert leadership that supports the growing industry-wide movement to make engineering simulation more accessible, efficient, and reliable not just for CAE experts but also for everyone in the enterprise – what is commonly referred to as the “Democratization of Simulation” or DoS.

RevSim.Org co-founder, Rich McFall said, “Rev-Sim sponsors are critical in driving the Democratization of Simulation movement. We are excited to have Pointwise join other simulation market leaders who are demonstrating their revolutionary leadership by sharing their simulation expertise and resources in a collaborative alliance that benefits all industrial users of engineering simulation technologies.”

About Pointwise

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) today – reliably generating high-fidelity meshes. The company’s Pointwise software generates structured, unstructured, overset and hybrid meshes; interfaces with CFD solvers such as ANSYS FLUENT®, STAR-CCM+®, OpenFOAM®, and SU2 as well as many neutral formats, such as CGNS; runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and has a scripting language, Glyph, that can automate CFD meshing. Manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide have relied on Pointwise as their complete CFD preprocessing solution since 1994.

About Rev-Sim, LLC

Revolution in Simulation is a web-based platform and resource center that educates, advocates, collaborates and innovates for the democratization of simulation. Democratized Simulation makes analysis more powerful and capable for CAE experts while accessible, safe and reliable for non-experts. The Rev-Sim.Org web site has the largest and latest collection of industry news, articles, presentations, white papers, videos, webinars, success stories and other materials related to the Democratization of Simulation. Web site visitors also have access to finding industry experts, training organizations, consultants, solution providers who can help them to leverage this revolution and maximize the ROI of simulation investments.

Existing and new industry users of simulation technologies are invited to explore our resources and submit their questions about democratization to our panel of subject matter experts and topic moderators at Solution providers are invited to join the revolution by contacting Rich McFall at

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