Simcenter Culgi 2211 Released

Leverage easy-to-use apps to predict material properties with the new Simcenter Culgi 2211 release from Siemens. Switch from atomic to coarse-grained molecular representations. With the new release of Simcenter Culgi 2211, users can leverage new features and enhancements to go faster setting up and running simulations across all chemistry and molecular dynamics length and timescales.

Leverage Calculation and Simulation Apps

Quickly and accurately obtaining fluid properties with basic chemical knowledge is important for simulation and engineering disciplines, like system simulation or computational fluid dynamics.

With Simcenter Culgi 2211 calculation and simulation tools are introduced to perform material property calculations quickly. Dedicated simulation tools are tailored to industry-specific applications or the prediction of specific material properties. With tailored frontends directly embedded into the Culgi user interface and a back-end incorporating simulation best practices, users can leverage computational chemistry simulations with ease. Designed as a transparent architecture built directly on Simcenter Culgi technology, expert users can easily adjust templated simulations.

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