Siemens’ Veloce Virtual Network App Certified for IxVerify 3.0

Siemens Digital Industries Software today announced that its Veloce™ Network (VN) App is now certified for use with the Keysight IxVerify 3.0 software pre-silicon test solution. Siemens’ Veloce hardware-assisted verification solution has provided integration with the virtual solutions from Keysight for years, and now this support has been extended to many advanced features of Keysight IxVerify3.0. With this certification, customers can now seamlessly leverage Keysight’s world-class pre-silicon test technology within a highly advanced emulation-based verification flow.

The integration takes advantage of the high-performance co-model channel bandwidth of Veloce™ Strato emulation hardware together with the virtual IxVerify-VN App solution for deterministic, full-system verification. The Veloce VN App integration with IxVerify enables mutual Ethernet networking customers to accelerate their lab-based validation infrastructure using a high-performance pre-silicon environment on Veloce emulation hardware.

“Our virtual network traffic generation set-up brings the advantages of IxVerify together with the Veloce emulator via sound engineering at the integration level,” said Udupi Harisharan, engineering manager at Cisco. “The IxVerify GUI helps clients control and monitor traffic in the Veloce VN App, and also enables porting the same test scripts used at pre-silicon to the lab to test post-silicon.”

“Pre-silicon verification with IxVerify and the Veloce VN App has continued to evolve and create increasing value for mutual customers such as Cisco,” said Razvan Arhip, IxVerify solution manager at Keysight. “Expanding support for advanced traffic generation and measurements now provides powerful new capabilities to test chip features and complete early performance testing.”

“The networking market has driven significant innovation in the virtualization of hardware emulation,” said Jean-Marie Brunet, senior director of product management and marketing for the emulation division at Siemens Digital Industries Software. “The validation of Veloce for IxVerify 3.0 is based on a long-term collaboration at the technical integration level to satisfy mutual customers like Cisco.”