Siemens extends Simcenter portfolio for testing in extreme conditions

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces Simcenter™ SCADAS™ RS hardware, a brand-new data acquisition system for fast and accurate testing under severe conditions. With Simcenter SCADAS RS, test engineers and managers can optimize their test data acquisition and measurement performance in harsh environments, such as those found in heavy equipment and transportation industries. It is the latest addition to Simcenter™ simulation and test solutions software within Siemens’ Xcelerator™ portfolio of integrated software and services.

Load data collection tests are often performed on small and large prototypes in demanding conditions, on proving grounds, public roads or in remote areas. In addition, test and measurement teams are continually pushed to perform more and more tests under ever tighter deadlines. Simcenter SCADAS RS is modular in design and offers maximum flexibility in how it may be mounted on any vehicle or machine. It can withstand test campaigns in extreme temperatures, moisture, mud and dust, and high shock and vibration levels. This not only allows for precise data measurement, but also streamlined analysis and in-depth processing using the Simcenter™ Testlab™ softwaresuite. From here, test engineers can use this validated data for further load data processing and use it in combination with simulation models to help actualize the digital twin.

Test managers can optimize ROI and boost test productivity by integrating Simcenter SCADAS RS with existing processes and procedures. Simcenter SCADAS RS can easily be integrated in company wired and wireless networks, or even over public networks. It allows easy access for multiple concurrent to its on-board application from any device: PC, tablet or smart phone. It is a true ‘edge’ device that can be integrated in automation processes for cloud computing and advanced engineering analysis.

For more information on Simcenter SCADAS RS, please see here.