nTop and Autodesk Fusion Join Forces

nTop offers implicit modeling software that allows users to develop complex, high-performance parts and automate their processes.

Autodesk harnesses the power of implicit modeling within Autodesk Fusion with the introduction of volumetric lattice capabilities included with the Product Design Extension, the company says. Users can modify existing solid or mesh bodies to create complex volumetric lattices that alter the shape and appearance of a design.

nTop’s announcement regarding Implicit Interop initiative led Autodesk to integrate nTop’s technology into Fusion. This enables the two companies’ shared users to work with both software platforms. This feature will allow for the transfer of designs between systems, with file sizes reduced from gigabytes to megabytes.

Designers who use Fusion for creating models for additive manufacturing can benefit from nTop’s implicit modeling capabilities. This helps to enhance their models for lightweighting, improved thermal management and the creation of complex architected materials, Autodesk reports.

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