Novus Nexus Announces “No-Risk” Pilot Programs

Ensuring Robustness of Simulation Automation Without Significant Upfront Investments

San Rafael, CA (USA) July 31, 2023 – Novus Nexus today announced the availability of no-risk simulation automation Pilot Projects.  This program gives any organization interested in the automation of their simulation tasks and workflows, or even simulation democratization, the possibility to test and ensure that the prospective automated processes work reliably as intended before having to make larger commitments.

Automation is a proven way to increase simulation throughput, enable its broad and early use, and repeatably create consistent, comparable results.  Unfortunately, the implementation of automated simulation processes via traditional tools is often too complex, time consuming or limited regarding which geometry variations can be handled.  Consequently, many organizations spend a lot of time and resources before they know if the desired automation solutions work robustly as intended.

“We hear a lot how difficult and time consuming it is to automate simulations and all that goes into it.  But what frustrates people the most is that after all that effort, those automations are often not robust enough for their more complex geometries,” says Bruce Webster, CEO at Novus Nexus. “Novus Nexus uses a different, easier approach – rather than try to automate what a human would do to click through an entire simulation process, we simply configure an abstract model, which one could think of as a geometry independent simulation template, and then relate it to simulation ready CAD models.  Solver input decks, including the mesh, and basic reports are directly created by CAENexus, our automation-processor, which has proven to be a game changer.  Thanks to the easy automation by CAENexus we can offer interested parties a no-risk pilot program to validate automation robustness without up-front investments.”

From “Proof-of-Concept” to fully customized automated simulation

The goal for Novus Nexus pilot projects is to validate the robustness of the intended automation with a variety of real-world CAD models and demonstrate the benefits of such automation.

To achieve this, customers select a use case they want to automate and supply a typical CAD model, while Novus Nexus prepares a CAENexus automated process for testing at the customer site.  This first proof-of-concept phase will always be executed free of charge.  Based on user feedback and experience gained during the on-site tests, final requirements can be defined and implemented either by the customer or Novus Nexus.

About Novus Nexus: Novus Nexus is the technology leader for easy and robust automation of simulation processes.  CAENexus, our unique “No-Code” automation processor enables simulation automation with minimal effort, like preparing a single simulation with traditional CAE tools.  Simulating better with us, customers considerably increase their competitiveness by significantly raising simulation throughput with their existing teams, making correct design decisions faster, and streamlining development processes. Novus Nexus solutions work with various CFD and FEA solvers, naturally capture simulation know-how for consistent application of best practices, enable CAD designers to run dependable simulations, and optimize the use of simulation resources, both human and software.

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Contact Asia:  Nitin Narawade (

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