Nextech AR Achieves Generative AI Breakthrough

Nextech AR Solutions Corp., an augmented reality, metaverse company and 3D model supplier for Amazon and other major ecommerce retailers and brands, has achieved with the help of generative artificial intelligence a breakthrough in texture expansion, according to the company. The company can now recreate high-quality 4K textures at scale from 250 px x 250px of digital swatches in seconds versus hours of manual labor, the company says.

Nextech’s generative AI-powered technology allows for real-time, interactive texture expansion. The technology was able to expand a 250×191 pixel patch more than 160 times into a 4K image in 40.5 seconds, according to the company. Previously, reference images were used, which often contain small patches of patterns and textures, making it difficult for artists to recreate them in a high-quality manner.

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