Mesh and Run a High-Fidelity Aircraft Simulation in Minutes

FORT WORTH, TX  – Pointwise is hosting a joint webinar on 17 November with FlexCompute entitled, “Mesh and Run a High-Fidelity Aircraft Simulation in Minutes,” that will help boost productivity while simultaneously ensuring mesh consistency and reliability across your organization.

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Increasingly complex geometry, larger simulations, and design optimization are just a few characteristics of advanced simulation and design that emphasize the need for more automation and higher throughput. Yet, automation in the absence of control and expertise often has limited applicability, including the inability to maintain consistency throughout the design and simulation process. This can result in an inaccurate, and sometimes unreliable, understanding of a design or the design space, slowing the turn-around time and delaying time to market.

With this in mind, at Pointwise we have been developing a new suite of features called Flashpoint that take the control and expertise we are known for and combines them with deeper automation. Flashpoint, and in particular, the automatic surface meshing component, will help ensure consistency and reliability throughout the meshing process while also providing a framework for encapsulating your organization’s best practices. We recently collaborated with FlexCompute, the developers of Flow360, a new cloud-based CFD solver, and using the NASA Common Research model as our benchmark, we are demonstrating the ability to mesh and run a high-fidelity aircraft simulation in minutes.

Pointwise, Inc. is solving the top problem facing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) today – reliably generating high-fidelity meshes. The company’s Pointwise software generates structured, unstructured, overset and hybrid meshes; interfaces with CFD solvers such as ANSYS FLUENT® and CFX®, STAR-CCM+®, OpenFOAM®, and SU2 as well as many neutral formats, such as CGNS; runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac, and has a scripting language, Glyph, that can automate CFD meshing. Manufacturing firms and research organizations worldwide have relied on Pointwise as their complete CFD preprocessing solution since 1994.

Flexcompute Inc. develops next-generation solver technology using a software-hardware co-design approach. It builds integrated technology stacks that are customized for solving different physics problems. The hardware, and numerical algorithms are optimized together for fastest execution. This new approach results in unprecedented simulation speed. For a compressible flow problem with 100 million unknowns, Flexcompute solves Navier-Stokes equation with a turbulence model within 300 seconds. Such a problem would normally take 10 hours for a conventional flow solver running on a 1000-core cluster. This revolutionary speed opens a new dimension for engineering. Extensive product optimization and performance databases can be built within a day instead of weeks. Flexcompute’s solver technology is trusted and already used for production by leaders in the urban air mobility and semiconductor industries

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