Latest release of Coreform Cubit enhances neutronics workflows

OREM, UTAH — Coreform LLC, developer of next-generation computer-aided engineering software, announces a historic release of Coreform Cubit that enables neutronics on CAD.

Recent investment in both nuclear fusion and fission companies has increased, and these industries require more efficient, robust workflows to develop and test reactor designs. Until now, a favored workflow by leading researchers has been to run neutronics calculations directly on CAD geometry or on a simulation mesh instead of reconstructing the design in the painstaking process of constructive solid geometry (CSG) creation, which has traditionally been the required geometry for neutronics in leading codes such as MCNP or OpenMC.

Coreform announces the release of Coreform Cubit 2023.11, providing advanced meshing for challenging workflows, which has workflows that enable neutronics on CAD for the first time in any commercial software package based on the DAGMC workflow developed by Dr. Paul Wilson’s team at the University of Wisconsin as a long-time Cubit plugin. The newly integrated functionality enables a seamless workflow to prepare CAD geometry for a number of neutronics codes, including MCNP and OpenMC.

“This integration will significantly improve neutronics simulation workflows for OpenMC and MCNP users,” notes Matthew Sederberg, Chief Strategy Officer at Coreform. “We are pleased to be able to offer these enhancements to our customers.”

Enhancements include an exporter to the DAGMC radiation transport code, improvements to the ABAQUS export to support the MCNP radiation transport code, as well as an MCNP importer that reconstructs MCNP models within Coreform Cubit. A new coarse trimesher setting was added to support producing meshes for radiation transport codes used within the nuclear energy industry.

“Our team has worked hard to provide this new functionality for the nuclear energy community, and we feel energized by the positive responses we have received,” said Michael A. Scott, CEO. “Coreform is committed to further innovation on behalf of clean nuclear energy.”

Coreform has released an instructional webinar on the new neutronics simulation functionality. A link to that webinar, complete release notes, and the Coreform Cubit 2023.11 download are all available at

About Coreform LLC

Coreform develops next-generation computer-aided engineering software. Coreform’s founders are authorities in isogeometric analysis and are widely cited researchers. The Coreform IGA solver is based on smooth CAD spline geometry, offering greater accuracy than the faceted meshes used in legacy CAE software. Coreform is also the exclusive commercial distributor of the Cubit meshing software. Coreform was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Utah, USA.

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