Kinetic Vision Wins Development Award

The Hamilton County Development Corporation (HCDC) bestowed the Ron Schallick award on Kinetic Vision for its commitment to community through investment and job creation. With HCDC’s assistance, Kinetic Vision significantly expanded their headquarters and increased their employee base of highly skilled engineers, programmers, designers, artists, and innovation experts. The program was so successful, that the company is now developing a new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art headquarters that will double the company’s physical footprint.

“We’ve worked with HCDC for over a decade and they have had a direct impact on the growth of our business. It’s safe to say HCDC is one of the main catalysts for Kinetic Vision’s success,” said Jeremy Jarrett, Executive Vice President of Kinetic Vision.

Given Covid precautions, the award was presented at Kinetic Vision’s campus in Evendale Ohio. “We’re committed to helping this region claim its place as a global powerhouse of top talent and HCDC has helped us greatly with that commitment. We’re thrilled and honored to receive this year’s award,” said Jarrett.

Established in 1983, HCDC is focused on business incubation, business lending, and economic development services. HCDC is a multi-program economic development organization that has nurtured over 325 start up companies, financed over $1 Billion in projects, and has helped attract and create tens of thousands of local jobs. Visit HCDC for more information.

Kinetic Vision develops and integrates advanced technologies to accelerate product innovation across a broad array of industries including medical, consumer electronics, transportation, aerospace, and consumer packaged goods. The company is an industry leader in multiple categories, including metrology and inspection, smart products, medical device development, packaging innovation, product quality engineering, software/app development, machine learning, AR/VR/XR, and technical visualization. The company is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been developing market-leading products and technology for Fortune 500 companies and international customers since 1988. More information about the company may be found at