Hexagon’s digital reality platform, Nexus, is now available to manufacturers – putting an end to silos and enabling faster innovation

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched its digital reality platform, Nexus. Announced earlier today, the new platform applies the latest cloud technologies to unblock innovation bottlenecks, enabling global teams to collaborate in real-time across the product lifecycle – from design and engineering to production and quality – to solve design and manufacturing problems together and accelerate time to market.

Nexus makes this possible by connecting equipment, data and processes to create a digital reality where insights are available to people in real time, in context and in one place so they can make better-informed decisions. Hexagon customers will be able to connect what they need from its portfolio of hundreds of design and engineering, production, and metrology software applications and devices, as well as third-party technologies. The first solutions on Nexus are commercially available from today:

Processes such as DfAM have traditionally been siloed – with at least three different engineers and separate software applications solving problems in isolation. This lack of connectivity can lead to costly and time-consuming manual processes and loss of valuable data. With Nexus, these silos are dismantled so that every engineer involved in the process is able to access the desktop software they need and connect their tools to work through problems together, in real-time, in a way that has never before been achieved in the industry.

Nexus will enable users to build on their existing portfolio of technologies by promoting the discovery of new tools, training, and support across an unparalleled portfolio of software and hardware from Hexagon and its partner ecosystem. At launch, partners include Oqton, which will connect DfAM and similar pre-production workflows to its Manufacturing Execution System (MES), allowing customers to leverage data to improve lead times, address quality issues and empower operators. Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software company Altium will also connect its portfolio to Nexus to provide engineers greater insight with which to design and manufacture products with electronic systems.

Parth Joshi, Chief Product and Technology Officer for Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division, said: “Companies across the world are pushing the boundaries of innovation, and Industry 4.0 is bringing ever more tools, technologies and data sources into view. However, the industry has a problem – processes and data sources are often siloed and team members struggle to collaborate across disciplines. This is severely hampering progress.

“If companies are to reap the benefit of smart manufacturing, we need to change the way we work. With Nexus, our aim is simple – to bring innovative minds together across disciplines and empower them. By leveraging Hexagon’s expertise in innovation, and by connecting people, technologies, and data we can help businesses bring ideas to life faster than ever before. We’re excited to see what customers will do with the technology from today.”

These first solutions can be accessed and managed through the Nexus web interface, with a single login and user experience. Customers can invite any external user to the platform to share information, for example sharing up to date ‘live’ metrology trend reports up and down the supply chain with one click. As more Apps and Solutions are connected to Nexus, it will make it easier for companies to make improvements to how they work and to solve problems with colleagues in the same company or across the supply chain.

Nexus is designed to help companies of all sizes, making the benefits of the cloud accessible without prohibitive cost, lengthy system integration or IT expense. There is no requirement to “move to cloud” as the platform connects desktop and cloud tools together, and, because customers only need to share the data that their team members need, performance is optimised and intellectual property is protected at every step. The platform’s open architecture allows larger companies to connect teams using Nexus with their enterprise software platforms, maintaining their established business and regulatory processes whilst enriching the digital thread where required with missing data.

Supporting quotes

“In our smart, connected future everyone will be on someone’s digital thread. At the same time, industrial companies are increasingly looking to the cloud to support their critical business needs. With Nexus, Hexagon helps their customers to more easily consume their considerable digital solution portfolio in the cloud, helping them to optimise their digital threads as part of their overall IT landscape.”

Stan Przybylinski, Vice President, CIMdata
“We’re happy to bring Oqton’s MES capabilities and IoT machine connectivity to Hexagon’s Nexus platform. Like Hexagon, we are strong believers in open platforms and are excited to offer customers the best tools in the market, with real-time data-driven workflows that span engineering, design, and simulation processes. This next generation platform blends design and manufacturing to reduce lead time while helping to improve outcomes and quality.”

Ben Schrauwen, Founder and SVP, Oqton
“We are very excited to partner with Hexagon to connect our Altium 365 platform with Nexus – our shared commitment to openness means we can quickly offer customers value. It will enable our vision of an ‘Intelligent by Design’, industry solution empowering teams to evaluate the impact of design choices earlier using the vast intelligence that Nexus and our Altium 365 solutions ecosystem offer across the product lifecycle.”

Ted Pawela, Chief Ecosystem Officer, Altium
Customers are invited to explore how the new solutions announced today can help their teams. Anyone can sign up to explore the Hexagon technology ecosystem, with dozens of new Apps, Solutions, and Portal features and localisations coming to Nexus on a monthly basis over the next year as part of a committed and long-term roadmap. Learn more today at nexus.hexagon.com

About Hexagon

Hexagon is a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector, and mobility applications.

Our technologies are shaping production and people related ecosystems to become increasingly connected and autonomous – ensuring a scalable, sustainable future. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division provides solutions that use data from design and engineering, production and metrology to make manufacturing smarter. For more information, visit hexagon.com/mi.

Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B) has approximately 24,000 employees in 50 countries and net sales of approximately 5.2bn EUR. Learn more at hexagon.com and follow us @HexagonAB.

Media contacts:

Global press office including April Six (agency): media.mi@hexagon.com

Robin Wolstenholme
Global Media Relations and Analyst Relations Manager
Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence Division
Phone: +44(0)7407 642190
e-mail: robin.wolstenholme@hexagon.com


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