Hexagon democratises engineering simulation further with first Image-recognition AI for Computer-Aided Engineering

ODYSSEE A-Eye offers non-experts access to powerful digital twins through AI applications that require less input data and can read images to predict behavior.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has today announced the release of ODYSSEE A-Eye, a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool that enhances Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) for a multitude of industry solutions without the need for complex CAE preparation and simulation expertise.

ODYSSEE A-Eye applies advanced pattern recognition to images, pictures, video and simple datasets so that they can be analysed for machine learning (ML) applications in engineering simulation. The tool’s unique ability to match existing CAE simulation data to imagery and provide like-for-like predictions based on a posed problem makes it an invaluable tool for use in any engineering-related problem – design optimisation, cost impact, or even how long a new product will take to produce without the laborious and highly-skilled process of preparing a model and defining simulation boundary conditions.

Applying ML processes to engineering problems typically requires expert knowledge and large amounts of training data to produce valid and reliable results, which leaves it out of reach for many smaller enterprises and non-specialists. By removing the need for complex data models and allowing the user to solve their problem by inputting widely-available CAD files, imagery or scalar data and relate it to training data from Hexagon’s simulation solutions, the ODYSSEE A-Eye platform makes powerful Digital Twin capabilities available to designers, production engineers, operators and other non-specialists. They can then make informed engineering decisions and explore problems interactively with near-realtime results.

Example applications include:

Engineers without machine learning knowledge can use ODYSSEE A-Eye to develop their robust AI applications based on any particular problem that needs to be overcome, from optimizing tire-tread design to fault-analysis of computer chips, and then make them available to others who need that knowledge. The new platform integrates with all of Hexagon’s CAE solutions, working seamlessly with customers’ existing processes and bringing AI to industries that may not have seen this as a feasible solution to their current design needs. Its accessibility means it can be used by companies who either do not carry CAE specialists, or want the expertise they do have to solve other problems or perform final design validation. With ODYSSEE A-Eye, a single engineering expert is able to specify an application that would help progress a design, and then feed that to the product design team and operators to execute.

Roger Assaker, President of Hexagon’s Design and Engineering Software Business Unit, said: “AI is an increasingly valuable tool within design and engineering, helping push virtual engineering to the next level. It has the potential to shorten the time taken to complete labor-intensive design tasks that may have previously taken days or weeks down to minutes or hours without losing simulation fidelity. Furthermore, the user-friendly design of ODYSSEE A-Eye makes it simple to integrate into modern engineering practices, democratising a highly advanced process for use by non-experts, and producing the results in a very accessible format.”

For more information, please visit: www.mscsoftware.com/product/odyssee