Future Facilities Revolutionizes Data Center Management with the New Digital Twin

SAN JOSE, CA –  Future Facilities, a software company that addresses data center management with physics-based data to align design, operations and business goals of each facility, today announces the launch of its revolutionary data center 3D software simulator, the Digital Twin.

Future Facilities’ Digital Twin is a customized, digitized, 3D virtual replica of a data center that simulates physical behaviors under any operating scenario. The concept encompasses the entire data center ecosystem, including virtual representations of the infrastructure building blocks of a data center, such as power and cooling, as well as the IT systems housed within it. Fully integratable with any Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions, the Digital Twin revolutionizes data center management by predicting the performance impact of any proposed design or operational change. This ensures that instinctual practices implemented daily in data center operations align with the business and financial implications, providing a holistic view and the greatest control of the entire data center environment.

Today, demand for more comprehensive and sophisticated digital services across a variety of business sectors, such as entertainment, healthcare, government, agriculture and more, is driving rapid change in the IT stack. Generally, these changes are reflected at the top of the stack in applications and IT hardware; however, they are constrained at the bottom physical layer in data centers. Today, the top of the stack is changing more rapidly than ever: constraints in data centers continue to cause performance problems that affect overall risk and cost to operators. To resolve the issues from top to bottom, a new approach to data center management is required. Traditional models that attempt to anticipate how a facility may react to changes in the stack design are overly simplistic. Other monitoring and optimization tools, such as DCIM, provide insights into existing performance; however, they lack the ability to predict the impact on its performance when design or IT operational adjustments are needed.

“In the past, data centers were able to operate for longer without significantly impacting business performance,” comments Hassan Moezzi, CEO of Future Facilities. “Today, this is no longer the case. The pace of business has escalated to the point at which every change in the data center has the potential to harm the very reasons a data center exists: business continuity and capacity.”

“Data center management involves a variety of job functions that often work in silos. Decisions made by these individual silos often have unintended consequences on the underlying business results,” comments Sherman Ikemoto, Managing Director of Future Facilities. “The Digital Twin is a virtual world where, through the power of simulation, the stakeholders in data center management are able to foresee both the technical and business impacts of their decisions.”

Future Facilities’ Digital Twin is predictive software that uses science-based data to provide full visibility into the characteristics of a data center’s operations. It’s a decision-making platform that manages risk by providing true-to-life physics-based information that impacts day-to-day operations on its business goals. The Digital Twin is specifically designed to replicate the physical behavior of a data center in a fully simulated environment that allows any touchpoint taking place in the facility to understand its impact on the overall facility functions. Data center operators can now digitally replicate the entire data center environment at a fraction of the cost of mirroring an entire physical site. The Digital Twin enables companies to quickly adapt to ensure operations and business goals align, unlocking greater efficiencies, cost savings and improving performance for every job function that touches the data center.

To learn more about Future Facilities’ Digital Twin, visit: https://www.futurefacilities.com/the-data-center-digital-twin/.