Finite Element Analysis: Method, Verification and Validation, 2nd Edition

An updated and comprehensive review of the theoretical foundation of the finite element method

The revised and updated second edition of Finite Element Analysis: Method, Verification, and Validation offers a comprehensive review of the theoretical foundations of the finite element method and highlights the fundamentals of solution verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification. Written by noted experts on the topic, the book covers the theoretical fundamentals as well as the algorithmic structure of the finite element method. The text contains numerous examples and helpful exercises that clearly illustrate the techniques and procedures needed for accurate estimation of the quantities of interest. In addition, the authors describe the technical requirements for the formulation and application of design rules.

Designed as an accessible resource, the book has a companion website that contains a solutions manual, PowerPoint slides for instructors, and a link to finite element software. This important text:

Written for students in mechanical and civil engineering, analysts seeking professional certification, and applied mathematicians, Finite Element Analysis: Method, Verification, and Validation, Second Edition includes the tools, concepts, techniques, and procedures that help with an understanding of finite element analysis.

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