Highlights Democratized Simulation

The Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering (CAASE) 2018, which occurred earlier this month in Cleveland, Ohio, saw a congregation of the world’s foremost experts on computer-aided engineering (CAE). While these experts discussed numerous CAE topics—from topology optimization to biomedical simulation to blockchain—one topic received particular emphasis at the conference: democratization.

Democratization of simulation is not a new concept. It’s been tossed around at least as long as Ruben Bons, director of electronics at Siemens PLM, has been in the business.

“It was already beginning when I started in the field back in the mid 90s,” Bons said. “Already then you were having structural simulation tools being embedded in the CAD tools. I don’t think the term [democratization] has been used that far back. But bringing simulation to more of a design or development team level, and not solely in the hands of a small group of experts, has been around 25 years.”

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