EASA Advanced Low-Code Development Democratizes Complex Simulation Models

TAMPA, FL; SEPTAMBER 5, 2018 EASA Software Ltd., a leading provider of model deployment technology, is delivering an Advanced Low-Code Development Platform for fast creation of web applications and process automation. The EASA platform democratizes complex simulation models and CAE workflows by allowing “citizen developers” (non-expert programmers) to create enterprise-class web apps at a fraction of the time and cost of hand coding.

Complex workflows typically involve one or more “expert only” software tools or models. Unlike traditional low-code platforms, EASA’s advanced low-code platform focuses on the creation of web apps that leverage the re-use of existing models and workflows.  While it can be used to develop new applications, EASA’s strength is enabling existing models to be improved and “webified”, greatly enhancing the leverage and ROI of these tools. This advanced development environment democratizes complex proprietary processes enabling citizen developers to transform workflows into secure and simplified enterprise accessible web apps.

EASA is shown to save up to 90% of the development investment to create custom, fit-for-purpose applications compared to hand coding from scratch.  With EASA advanced low-code development, companies like Proctor & Gamble and Air International are democratizing hundreds of models for far greater utilization.

EASA Director of Business Development, Sebastian Dewhurst comments:

“Today’s increased competition and accelerated product development cycles require companies to be more responsive, efficient, and cost-conscious.  Virtually all low-code platforms offerings are designed to quickly create new applications from scratch. EASA’s advanced low-code development platform focuses on web-enabling existing tools and workflows created with CAE software, Excel, MATLAB and scripts. From small to midsize businesses up to large enterprises, EASA’s solution provides the ability to quickly design, build, customize, and deploy simulation and modeling apps with little or no coding.”

About EASA Software, Ltd.
EASA enables companies to democratize modeling and simulation through the process of “appification”. Our customers have demonstrated dramatic increases in return on investment for all types of modeling and simulation, from Excel spreadsheets, MATLAB models, in-house codes and scripts, to 3D CAE tools. EASA provides software, support, and consulting services from Oxford, UK, and from its wholly owned subsidiary, EASA Inc., in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. For more information about EASA, please visit www.easasoftware.com.

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