Dassault Showcases Kinetic Vision

A world leader in Product Design, Engineering, Manufacturing and Data Management software, Dassault Systèmes®, showcases Kinetic Vision in their newest video about SIMULIA, the company’s 3D simulation software.

“Kinetic Vision is incredibly excited about being featured for our work using SIMULIA,” said Jim Topich, Senior Vice President of Kinetic Vision. “Dassault is a global leader in multiple software platforms and Kinetic Vision is honored to be showcased for our expertise with SIMULIA,” he added.

Utilizing SIMULIA and the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform gives Kinetic Vision’s customers a time and cost advantage by having an ‘all-in-one’ system in their arsenal. “Having one system where your CAD model is tied directly to your mesh and directly to simulation inputs is fantastic. The benefit is that when you make small model tweaks upstream, everything downstream in the model updates,” says Shane Mooney, Group Manager of Kinetic Vision’s Modeling + Simulation group. This advantage has helped Kinetic Vision serve clients with even more responsiveness. “Showing clients screens where they see changes and the end-to-end effect in real time is a powerful tool in solving their complex challenges,” added Mooney.

Another factor highlighted by the Dassault case study is the scalability of the SIMULIA software. “Being able to scale up using cloud resources and technology has helped us run projects faster and more efficiently,” said Topich. “Kinetic Vision is always thinking of the customer and pushing innovation to create better products and services, and SIMULIA is a key part of that process,” he added.

Kinetic Vision is focused on accelerating innovation through advanced technologies for local, national, and global clients. Contact Us for more information.