Coreform’s YouTube channel is growing

Coreform has recently added very brief introductory tutorials to the playlist Coreform Cubit Tutorials. These videos are designed to walk first-time users through the initial steps of meshing in Coreform Cubit. These videos, titled “Your First Hex Mesh” are the place to start for new users.

Since Coreform’s YouTube channel first began in 2021, it has changed and grown steadily. Today we have over 100 videos, over 500 subscribers, and thousands of monthly views. Many of our Coreform Cubit users visit our YouTube channel regularly to learn tricks, gain new skills, and stay updated on software releases.

Visit Coreform on Youtube for everything from getting-started help, cleanup and meshing examples, and third-party workflows to advanced tips and tricks for power users. Need help finding the right video, or have an idea for a video? Visit our forum or email.

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