BETA CAE Systems launches ANSERS, the single point of truth for your simulation and test data

ANSERS is a front-end web dashboard interface for accessing and combining engineering simulation and physical test data, granting an overall perspective, to accelerate effectively the engineering design evolution decision making.

ANSERS comes as an out-of-the-box solution, offering simplicity on the front-end while handling the complexity of the simulations and test data structures on the back end. It provides an environment where engineers can build comprehensive, elaborative, dynamic, and easy to customize dashlets.

Data can be retrieved from a variety of servers, through simple filters, always respecting security restrictions. ANSERS environment, on a desktop or handheld device web browser, is a communication and decision-making tool, far more powerful than conventional reports. Simulation and physical test results can effortlessly be brought forth and compared, while different dashlets can be generated and shared effortlessly. Meaningful and comprehensive information is shared among stakeholders of any level of expertise, with the appropriate level of detail.

ANSERS is available worldwide by BETA CAE Systems and its business partners.

BETA can grant you trial access to a demo ANSERS installation on the cloud. Contact us or our business channel so that you get your credentials. An on-premises evaluation installation, with full support, can also be made available for a limited period of time.

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