ASSESS Initiative Publishes its First Strategic Insight Paper

Clarkesville, GA  ASSESS Initiative, a broad reaching multi-industry initiative to facilitate a revolution of enablement that will vastly increase the availability and effectiveness of Engineering Simulation is proud to announce the release of the first Strategic Insight Paper related to the ASSESS Initiative Credibility Theme.

The ASSESS initiative has been organized around a key set of themes associated with expanding the usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation.

AlignAlignment of Commercial, Research and Government Efforts
BusinessBusiness Challenges
Credibility – Engineering Simulation Credibility
DoESDemocratization of Engineering Simulation
Generative – Generative Design
Integration Integration of Systems and Detailed Sub-System Simulations

Twin(s) – Engineering Simulation Digital Twin(s)

The ASSESS Initiative is planning on publishing Strategic Insight papers related to each of these themes which will be made available on a “members only” basis.

“We consider our participation in ASSESS not only an opportunity, but also an obligation.  Being a part of this forum, along with the most influential parties of our community, is of paramount importance for the mapping of a coherent and successful overall strategy for simulation,” said Sam Saltiel, Chief Communications Officer of BETA CAE Systems.

“ASSESS provides an opportunity to get a broad-based, non-parochial perspective on the state-of-practice and direction in the Computer-Aided Engineering industry, as well as providing a community in which to share concepts and advance the collective investment in the industry, “ said Gene Allen, President & CEO of Decision Incite.

The first Strategic Insight Paper published is:

  1. Understanding an Engineering Simulation Risk Model

Engineering Simulation is being used more and more broadly to make informed technical and business decisions, especially during the early stages of developing a new product. Use of an Engineering Simulation Risk Model improves credibility through a clearer understanding of the predictive capabilities and “appropriateness” of the simulation(s), thereby increasing confidence in Engineering Simulation influenced decisions.

An Engineering Simulation Risk Model (ESRM) is a Predictive Capability Assessment that includes a set of recommended best practices and associated metrics to understand and manage the “appropriateness” and risk associated with Engineering Simulation influenced decisions.  

The approach outlined in this paper for an ESRM is founded on the concept of determining the “appropriateness” of the simulations performed to influence/support the decision(s) being made.  This approach to Predictive Capability Assessment is inspired by the NASA-STD-7009A “Use Assessment”, Sandia Predictive Capability Maturity Model, the emerging ASME V&V 40 standard, NAFEMS Simulation Governance and Management Working Group activities, and the ASSESS Credibility Theme discussions.

The objective of this ASSESS Strategic Insight Paper is to initiate discussions leading to further development of an effective generalized Engineering Simulation Risk Model that can be used to support the current and dramatically expanding use of Engineering Simulation.  Understanding and enabling an effective and consistent ESRM is one key to enabling a significantly broader use of Engineering Simulation in support of more informed business and technical decision making.    

“The vision of the ASSESS Initiative is to significantly increase the use and benefit of Engineering Simulation.  This Strategic Insight Paper regarding an Engineeering Simulation Risk Model is a major step forward toward the ASSESS Vision,” said Joe Walsh, CEO & Co-Founder, ASSESS Initiative.

The ASSESS Initiative Membership program provides the ability for the ASSESS Initiative to expand its efforts and community benefits. The ASSESS Membership Program is appropriate for all organizations engaged in Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering activities related to Engineered products & processes.  The ASSESS Membership Program is offered in individual or group memberships.  Active ASSESS Initiative Members receive access to Members Only content on the ASSESS website and a discount on the ASSESS Congress Registration Fees.  The ASSESS Initiative Membership has over 100 active members.

About the ASSESS Initiative

ASSESS Initiative LLC was formed in mid-2016 for bringing together the key players to guide and influence the software development and implementation strategies related to model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering, with the primary objective of expanding the use and business benefit of Engineering Simulation. ASSESS Initiative LLC is based in Clarkesville, GA, USA.  Please refer to our website and the following brief summary “What is the ASSESS Initiative and why is it important?” for more information.


Joe Walsh
ASSESS Initiative LLC