ASSESS Initiative Announces a Strategic Collaboration with the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL) at Georgia Tech

Clarkesville, GA ASSESS Initiative, a broad reaching multi-industry initiative to facilitate a revolution of enablement that will vastly increase the availability and effectiveness of Engineering Simulation, is proud to announce a strategic collaboration with the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL) at Georgia Tech.

This strategic collaboration is focused on fostering broader use of “systems thinking”, systems modeling & simulation and detailed simulation of Sub-Systems to enable a viable path to development and deployment of commercial grade Digital Twin(s). This strategic collaboration will bring together the resources of the ASSESS Initiative and ASDL to significantly increase the use and benefit of Engineering Simulation. Some of the planed activities in this collaboration include:

“ASDL is always looking for collaborators to help advance the state of the art in systems thinking, design of complex systems, and engineering simulation,” said Dr. Dimitri Mavris, S.P. Langley NIA Distinguished Regents Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology and Director of ASDL. “In the ASSESS Initiative, we have found a great partner and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

ASDL was founded in 1992 with a handful of students. Today the organization has grown to nearly 250 strong. The aim of current and future research at ASDL is to be a leader in complex systems design. The ASDL mission is to “Formulate, develop, and implement comprehensive approaches to the design of affordable and high quality complex systems.” Over the years ASDL has formed several partnerships to ensure the right resources are available for the research being performed. ASDL is a globally recognized Center of Excellence pushing the state of the art of design and systems engineering.

“We are excited about this strategic collaboration with ASDL and the significant positive impact that we can jointly have on the Engineering Simulation community,” says Joe Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder of the ASSESS Initiative.

The ASSESS Initiative was formed to bring together key players, both users and developers of simulation software, to guide and influence the software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering with a vision “To significantly expand the use and benefit of software tools for model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering in the engineering applications domain.” The ASSESS Initiative Membership program provides the ability for the ASSESS Initiative to expand its efforts and community benefits.

The ASSESS initiative has been organized around a key set of themes associated with expanding the usage and benefit of Engineering Simulation.

AlignAlignment of Commercial, Research and Government Efforts
BusinessBusiness Challenges
Credibility – Engineering Simulation Credibility
DoESDemocratization of Engineering Simulation
Generative – Generative Design
Integration Integration of Systems and Detailed Sub-System Simulations
Twin(s) – Engineering Simulation Digital Twin(s)

The ASSESS Initiative is planning on publishing Positioning Papers and Strategic Insight papers related to each of these themes. Positioning papers will be publicly available from the ASSESS Initiative website; however, ASSESS Strategic Insight papers will be made available on a “members only” basis.

The ASSESS 2019 Congress is the 4th annual congress for ASSESS organized to “enable” both strategies and relationships related to significantly increasing the use and benefit of Engineering Simulation. Key business drivers are forcing a “simulation revolution” to overcome the issue of required expertise which is limiting the expansion of Engineering Simulation usage. The theme of the ASSESS 2019 Congress is “Advancing the Engineering Simulation Revolution.”

About the ASSESS Initiative

ASSESS Initiative LLC was formed in mid-2016 for bringing together the key players to guide and influence the software development and implementation strategies related to model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering, with the primary objective of expanding the use and business benefit of Engineering Simulation. ASSESS Initiative LLC is based in Clarkesville, GA, USA. Please refer to our website and the following brief summary “What is the ASSESS Initiative and why is it important?” for more information.


Joe Walsh
CEO & Co-Founder
ASSESS Initiative LLC