ASSESS Congress 2023

The NAFEMS ASSESS Initiative has one vision – to lead every aspect of engineering simulation toward a more valuable and accessible future in the medium to long term, leveraging the expertise and knowledge of top-level figures in industry, government, and academia.

To continue that journey, the ASSESS Congress 2023 will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, between March 26thand 28thof next year. This is not a traditional conference. It’s an opportunity for thought leaders to work as one to map out the future of engineering simulation and lead the way toward it.

The ASSESS Congress 2023 will bring together key leadership participants, including experts, industry analysts, software providers, researchers, simulation users, and others in the community of model-based analysis, simulation and systems engineering.

The conference will be highly interactive, splitting into several theme workshops where participants will meet, discuss, and report to the main plenary. As such, registration is limited to just over 100 participants.

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