ASSESS and ASDL 2020 Digital Twin Forum

Clarkesville, GA –ASSESS Initiative, a broad reaching multi-industry initiative to facilitate a revolution of enablement that will vastly increase the availability and effectiveness of Engineering Simulation is proud to announce its collaboration with the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL) at Georgia Tech to organize a 2 day forum to develop a common clear understanding of the state of the Art and the potential of Digital Twins. The 2020 Digital Twins Forum will be held at the ASDL offices on the Georgia Tech Campus for a two-day caucus on July 7-8, 2020. Attendance at the Digital Twins Forum is limited to 50 attendees and is by invitation only. Registration for the 2020 Digital Twins Forum is now open !!!

Digital Twin(s) in a Digital Thread strategy represent the next big Business Driver in enabling digital transformation across the domains of product development, manufacturing and in-service operations. However, there is a tremendous hype, differing perspectives, and confusion around Digital Twin(s). A Digital Twin is any virtual representation of a Physical Twin. A Physical Twin may have multiple Digital Twins used for different purposes. The concept of a single Digital Twin to virtually represent a Physical Twin is not appropriate or technically achievable.

One specific form of a Digital Twin is a physics-based digital twin used in Engineering Simulation. The focus of one ASSESS Initiative theme is to advocate for and enable a significant expansion of the use of Engineering Simulation Digital Twin(s). The definition of an Engineering Simulation Digital Twin has been defined and agreed to by the ASSESS Engineering Simulation Digital Twin(s) working group.

The ASSESS Initiative was formed to bring together key players, both users and developers of simulation software, to guide and influence the software tool strategies for performing model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering with a vision “To significantly expand the use and benefit of software tools for model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering in the engineering applications domain.”

The ASSESS Initiative Membership program provides the ability for the ASSESS Initiative to expand its efforts and community benefits beyond the annual congress. The ASSESS Membership Program is appropriate for all organizations engaged in Analysis, Simulation, and Systems Engineering activities related to Engineered products & processes. The ASSESS Membership Program is offered in individual or group memberships. Active ASSESS Initiative Members receive access to Members Only content on the ASSESS website and a discount on the ASSESS Congress Registration Fees.

About the Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL)

The Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL) was founded in 1992 to bridge the gap between academia and industry research perspectives, and it has grown to be one of the nation’s premier entities for aerospace systems and complex design. ASDL is part of the School of Aerospace Engineering which is one of the original Guggenheim schools.

About the ASSESS Initiative

ASSESS Initiative LLC was formed in mid-2016 for bringing together the key players to guide and influence the software development and implementation strategies related to model-based analysis, simulation, and systems engineering, with the primary objective of expanding the use and business benefit of Engineering Simulation. ASSESS Initiative LLC is based in Clarkesville, GA, USA. Please refer to our website and the following brief summary “What is the ASSESS Initiative and why is it important?” for more information.


Joe Walsh
CEO & Co-Founder
ASSESS Initiative LLC