2020 IGA Conference Goes Virtual

OREM, UTAH — Coreform LLC, the leading developer of commercial spline-based simulation software, announces its active participation in the 2020 Virtual IGA Conference.

Coreform senior advisor Dr. Tom Hughes, the inventor of Isogeometric Analysis, will start the conference with his perspective on the future of computer simulation. Coreform CEO and two-time commercial spline developer, Matt Sederberg, will participate in an industry panel during the breakout session on August 11.

“This virtual conference will be a great opportunity for IGA researchers to learn from each other and chart a joint path forward,” says highly-cited researcher Dr. Michael Scott,  Coreform co-Founder and Senior Advisor.

Other notable industry leaders, including Dave Benson, Kenji Takizawa, and Giancarlo Sangalli, are also included in the program for the 2020 Virtual IGA Conference.

The previously scheduled IGA2020 conference in Banff, Canada was canceled due to COVID this year. However, the organizers are moving forward with a scaled-back version of the conference, virtually, on August 11-12.

Registration for the 2020 Virtual IGA Conference is required.

About Coreform LLC

Coreform is the leading developer of commercial spline-based simulation software. Founded in 2014, the company’s globally recognized authorities in the field of isogeometric analysis are among the most widely cited authors in engineering sciences. The company’s spline-based simulation software is based on its proprietary spline geometry instead of traditional meshes and provides many significant advantages over traditional FEA simulation software. Coreform is headquartered in Orem, Utah, USA. Visit www.coreform.com for more information.