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Multiphysics for the masses. COMSOL wants to democratize simulation in the design process– TV-report

Posted by Bob Farrell in Democratizing SimulationPosted by Bob Farrell in Simulation Automation (Templates)

Simulation is key to making virtual product development a reality. So it's no wonder that simulation software is growing rapidly in terms of software spending and usage in product development processes.

The Simulation and Analysis piece of the PLM investment pie was 12.3% in 2013, making it almost as big as the cPDM component at 13.8%.  While a few big providers lead the CAE market, there are still major opportunities for other market participants including COMSOL, a developer of multiphysics solutions. Over the last five years or so they have seen their revenues increase by 20% per year to around $65 million 2013. This makes them one of the market leaders in the multiphysics CAE sub-segment.

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