Meet FMI’s New Companion Standard, SSP

Posted by Hubertus Tummescheit in System Simulation

This blog post is relevant for those who are familiar with the Functional Mock-up Interface and are interested in learning about the emerging companion standard, System Structure Parameterization (SSP).

SSP stands for System Structure and Parameterization. The standard defines an open format for describing systems of interconnected FMUs and the parameterization of such systems. It can also specify multiple configurations of a given system.

SSP is developed as a companion standard to FMI, therefore it is not to be part of the FMI standard itself. Standardization is driven by researchers in the FMI community and has attracted a large amount of interest from industry. Development of SSP has been on-going for a few years, and the first release is scheduled for early 2018. Many tool vendors have begun preparing and users are eagerly waiting.

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