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Leveraging AI to Tackle Complex Engineering Challenges: Featuring Practical Customer Case Studies

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Thanks to the advent of industrial IoT devices, edge computing, and new technologies enabling cheaper and more flexible deployment of sensing within a factory, a fleet of assets, or other products, we now have the scale of real-time telemetry data and other data sources to fully leverage the power of newer advanced analytics, machine learning, and deep learning (otherwise known as AI technologies).

This webinar showcases how Maya HTT clients are successfully utilizing data and enabling non-data scientists to leverage AI technologies.  Whether you would like to use AI-based reduced order models or to predict engineering quality defects, Maya has developed a practical blueprint approach which has proven itself in many successful AI deployments.  Augmenting the roles of various stakeholders is a key benefit of employing these newer, powerful deep learning techniques and other advanced analytics tools. Those looking to understand what industrial IoT and AI can bring to an engineering organization are encouraged to view this webinar.

Whether deployed through on-premises systems or powered by the cloud, Maya HTT’s client success stories will enable your subject matter experts to uncover amazing new gems hidden in your growing real-time data containers and ensure that these golden data nuggets become visible and actionable.

This webinar is a part of Rev-Sim’s Learn From Your Peers webinar series.
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Presenter: Remi Duquette, Vice President - Industrial AI

With 20 years of experience building practical, effective solutions, Remi now plays a key role in heading Maya HTT’s industrial IoT and AI business. He is sought-after with dozens of successful industrial AI/ML/simulation projects to his credit. From his achievement as a young short-track speed skating champion, to his instrumental contributions to successful industrial AI-operations deployments, to the structural design and analysis of five spacecraft currently in orbit, to creating a 3D digital twin of a Mars rover, and his pivotal contributions to the commercialization of 5 software solutions, when it comes to “mission-critical”, Remi is an asset to all Maya HTT clients.

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