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Fast and Easy Simulation Automation Accelerates Innovation at PAX Scientific for US Navy and Others

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PAX Scientific, a fluid dynamics research firm, designs industrial equipment and other technologies that are highly efficient and innovative based on an understanding of natural fluid flow.  One of their latest projects is to investigate if the non-clogging filter feeding used by manta rays can be applied to build water clean-up devices that are more efficient and easier to maintain. 

Investigating and optimizing such novel device requires the execution of many CFD and particle tracing simulations.  The webinar shows how PAX could automate pre-processing and report generation with a similar effort as usually needed for setting up a single simulation in traditional simulation environments.  As result, PAX can execute as many simulations as fast as the capacity of their servers allows.

The solutions used by PAX to quickly automate their simulation process are based on “Abstract Models” which are fully geometry independent, re-usable simulation templates.  In the webinar you will learn how this advanced technology works and how, in combination with universal low code tools like EASA, it can be used to democratize simulation in a practical way.  Such combination of “Low Code” tools, general purpose, and simulation specific, makes it possible to largely configure automated simulation processes instead of writing complex scripts for their implementation. 

Two example use cases demonstrate the efficient implementation of automated simulation processes suitable for designers.

  • CFD analysis for automotive HVAC simulation
  • Structural analysis for heavy equipment

This webinar is a part of Rev-Sim’s Learn From Your Peers webinar series.
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Presenter: Francesca Bertone, Chief Operating Officer, PAX

Francesca Bertone has more than 25 years of experience in program administration and education and is co-founder of PAX Scientific.  Magna cum laude graduate in science with a graduate degree in education, she started her career in the California public school system, serving as a classroom teacher, Vice Principal, and school board member.

Francesca has overseen the founding of seven subsidiaries and coordinated equity funding of over $25 million and grants of over $10 million. She is the President of PAX Air, Inc. and serves on the Boards of Directors of PAX Scientific, Inc., PAX Mixer, Inc., and PAX Pure, Inc. She is the Executive Director of Nature of Hope, a non-profit organization with the mission of promoting biomimicry.

Dr. Bruce Webster, PAX

Dr. Bruce Webster brings over 35 years of experience in both structural and fluid mechanics to product development, computer-aided engineering (CAE), design (CAD) and abstract modeling.  He holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and is an experienced entrepreneur. Bruce combines best-in-class engineering skills with practical business sense, to deliver products that beat the competition both technically and economically.  He assisted Ford/Visteon/Hanon, John Deere, and Whirlpool to implement best practices for simulations and virtual prototyping as part of their product development process.

Bruce used his experience in simulation to assist nuclear weapon blast simulation of military rotorcraft and airplanes and developed their respective vulnerability maps. Most recently, he has led computer aided engineering strategy and implementation for PAX as well as conducted technical research, computer modeling and physical prototype testing. Bruce is also a technical expert in Multiple Effect Distillation and Microgrids including the nexus of water and energy.

Karlheinz Peters, Business Development Lead, Novus Nexus

Karlheinz Peters is the business development lead at Novus Nexus and founder of Crossover Solutions, a consultancy specializing on engineering software. He has been involved with engineering software for over 30 years holding positions in general and sales management as well as product and industry marketing. 

Before starting Crossover Solutions, Karlheinz was Sr. Director Emerging Technologies at MSC.Software, a leading global CAE vendor for the automotive and aerospace industries.  He was President of pioneerSOLUTIONS, a Simulation Based Design company, and was instrumental in the acquisition of this start-up by MSC.  Before Pioneer he held positions as President and COO at ESI CFD Inc., a subsidiary of ESI-Group, Paris, France; Sr. VP Product Operations at CFDRC, technology leader in multi-physics CFD and Sr. VP Worldwide Sales at Spatial Technology. 

Karlheinz holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University for Applied Sciences in Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

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