Digital Thread & SPDM

What is Digital Thread? Why is Simulation Process and Data Management (SPDM) a fundamental piece of it?

Imagine being able to manage the asset bill of material (BOM) through its entire lifecycle—from ideation and design, to manufacturing, all the way to sales, service and even disposal. Typically, the CAD design models provide the “As Designed” bill of materials. Once manufactured, the “As Manufactured” BOM information typically needs to be serialized for that particular asset. Eventually, as the asset is configured and sold to the end customer and maintained, there could be other versions of this BOM commonly referred to “As Sold” and “As Maintained.” These BOMs need to include not only the mechanical components on the asset, but also the electrical and electronic parts as well as other hardware, software and firmware information for version control.

To add to the complexity, over the lifecycle of this asset, data generated from it might be owned by multiple organizations, such as the OEM, operator, customer, etc. For a complete traceability across the lifecycle of this asset, it is important to have this data housed in a digital model and framework such that we can track down every single component and firmware to the finest level of detail, tracing the genesis and evolution in the product’s lifecycle.

This is where a digital thread comes in, enabling full lifecycle traceability that can track a product and its digital assets all the way down to the serial number through its various stages and evolution.

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