Simulation Apps Greatly Expands User Base For CAE and Spreadsheet Models At P&G

Posted by Mike Nieburg in Simulation Apps

P&G determined that software modeling tools are critical for the kind of innovation necessary to develop thousands of consumer products competitively, and has therefore invested heavily in a variety of modeling and simulation technologies. Realizing that the benefits of modeling and simulation could be scaled by orders of magnitude if only these tools could be made usable by a much wider and larger group, P&G turned to EASA to help democratize modeling tools as intuitive streamlined web apps.

Previously limited to specialists, many tools (and related workflows) such as spreadsheets, legacy codes, databases and CAE applications were quickly repackaged as EASA web apps, which offer:
• Ease of use, built in intelligence, consistent look-and-feel, and error-checking
• Ease of access, running with complete reliability (even on mobile devices), with no dependence on locally installed software
• Intellectual property security and audit trail of usage

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