Community Guidelines

Democratizing Simulation and Community Participation 

Revolution in Simulation™ was created to be an open collaborative simulation community where participation, contribution, and dissemination is welcomed from everyone at any level of interest or experience.

There  is no cost or qualification required to join us. The only request is that you have a sincere professional interest in seeing the use and value of engineering simulation continue to expand not just for expert users but those who may be new or not a simulation specialist.

Our initiative will be most productive and enjoyable if it serves a community of experts that follow mutually respective guidelines for participation. To maintain the focus, culture, and integrity of the website we ask that you observe the following rules of engagement at the level in which you wish to participate.

Explore & Learn:

To access all of the many resources available at, visitors will need to create an account HERE.  If you find a topic or subject area is missing, or one deserves better coverage, send us a note to

We are not in the business of selling your contact information, although it may be shared with other third parties who contribute content to the site or sponsor our events like educational webinars.

Follow & Communicate:

Receive the latest news, resource additions, and event announcements from Rev-Sim by registering HERE. Visitors may opt to communicate with any of the Topic Moderators, or follow them on social media, HERE.

If you are aware of upcoming conferences, webinars, training, or other events we are happy to share them in our news and on our website. Just send us a note to and we will add them to our calendar.

Participate & Contribute:

Participation in the moderated discussions by sharing resources and experiences is the best way to learn from each other and subject matter experts.

In order for contributed content to be considered by a Topic Moderator, materials must be relevant to Revolution in Simulation™’s mission to accelerate the development and use of next generation technologies that will make simulation not just more powerful for experts to use, but make it more usable and reliable for non-experts.

Submitted content should be informative and educational in nature;  not marketing or sales oriented. Documented Success Stories and case studies, with ROI analysis, from end-user organizations are the most valuable resources to share.

Submissions will be reviewed and approved by Moderators to ensure conformance prior to inclusion. They will be happy to link to your original material but we ask that you reciprocate with a link back to this site. Please be mindful that our Moderators are also volunteering their time and expertise to the Rev-Sim community.

Collaborate & Innovate:

As the Rev-Sim initiative grows we will be announcing opportunities to actively collaborate with others in simulation innovation challenges and related projects. Be sure to register to receive our news for these announcements, and their associated guidelines, to follow later in 2018.

Support & Sponsor:

The Revolution in Simulation™ initiative and the website are not vendor-independent, but strive to be vendor-neutral and solution agnostic. Let us know if you think we or any community participants are not following this guideline.

While the founding sponsors have been ever so important in helping us to stand-up this website, we invite contributions from other simulation software and service providers, consultants, and subject matter experts who are also committed to our mission.  Visit the “Who Can Help” pages to learn more about opportunities to contribute to or sponsor our effort.

If you don’t see your area of interest or level of participation referenced above, or have community-building recommendations your own to share, please send us a note HERE .


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