The simulation software ecosystem of engineering users, developers, solution providers, application consultants, technology researchers, educators, and investors has a rich and long history in which we all can pride in participating.  The Revolution in Simulation™ initiative to democratize simulation by making it more accessible and reliable for non-experts, as well as more powerful and efficient for specialists, is creating an even more exciting future of delivering value to the global economy.

Many of the advancements that have occurred in engineering simulation are not due to a single individual or organization, but a large interconnected community of collaborators whose synergistic work helped to imagine, develop, adopt, improve, and mature each new innovation, both in small steps and big leaps forward.

Regardless of your professional role or years of experience in the simulation ecosystem there are many opportunities to follow, contribute to, and collaborate with other professionals in a Revolution in Simulation™. We invite you to join our community of open collaboration by registering HERE.

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