Simulation Templates: By the Experts, for the Non-Experts

A well-designed, robust and accurate Simulation Template can only be created and maintained by simulation experts.

These experts understand the subtleties of product behavior and, also, the intricacies of how to manipulate brittle, complex simulation tools to provide accurate results, within known error tolerances. Developing such expertise can take decades, and hence, these experts are hard to find and expensive.

This precisely, is the expertise that must be captured in a simulation template. The best practices that are discovered and codified by these experts will then be enforced, each time the template is executed on a particular design.

A well-designed and useful template must also define and enforce bounds on its use. These constraints help minimize its misuse by users who are not experts in the use of the underlying tools.

Capturing simulation expertise thoroughly and ensuring that the template works not only across a wide range of the design space, but also across an entire product family is difficult. Over the last few decades, these templates have most often been created by simulation experts, using scripting and programming languages, despite the fact that they are usually engineers and not computer scientists or programmers. A recent trend called Low-Code Development Platforms (LCDPs) has swept the world of web and App programming. LCDPs allow the creation of application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional procedural computer programming. These platforms often focus on particular application areas such as databases, business processes or web applications. An example of such an LCDP for creating GUI’s for Web Applications is the EASA Software Platform. An example of an LCDP for the rapid creation of simulation templates is the Comet Simulation Automation Workspace.

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