CAASE 2018 Recap


More than 500 individuals gathered in Cleveland’s Huntington Convention center June 5-7 for CAASE18, the Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering sponsored by NAFEMS Americas.

CAASE18 Attendees – by the Numbers:

Four key themes served as the foundation for the entire program. These included: Driving Design (…of Physical Systems, Components & Products), Implementing Simulation Governance & Democratization, Advancing Manufacturing Processes & Additive Manufacturing, and Addressing Business Strategies & Challenges.

A little more than 1/3rd of the attendees participated in the sessions related to Simulation Governance and Democratization, which ran the full duration of the conference confirming industry’s increasing interest in these two related areas.

Of particular interest, the Revolution in Simulation™ Web Community Initiative acted as host of the Democratization track, which supported the following:

14 presentations

Two Workshops

Round-Table Discussion

Most events were well-attended with many questions and lively discussions. What is clear from the end-user presentations is that it is no longer a question of whether the democratization of simulation can and will occur, or whether it is worthwhile to implement it, but just the pace at which it will become the norm at most companies that use simulation today. Most of the presentations are real-world case studies (success stories) with interesting details on the challenges and ROI of implementing democratization. It is noteworthy that while none concluded that democratizing simulation correctly is an easy process, all felt that the ROI is well worth the effort and intend to expand democratization within their organizations. These companies are the forerunners of the next generation of simulation users, when complex simulation technology “vanishes” behind a façade that will allow huge numbers of non-experts (those who do not have expertise in the simulation tools) to safely leverage its power.

The enthusiasm of the founders (the Topic Moderators) of the Revolution in Simulation™ web community initiative, launched on May 30, 2018, and formally announced at CAASE 18, was matched by the enthusiasm of the attendees for the initiative. There is a large amount of useful information on the Democratization of Simulation on the site – registrations on the site (which is free-of-charge, public, and vendor agnostic) have rapidly exceeded 100 and continue to grow. It is an excellent resource and community both for people contemplating the democratization of simulation and those who are already implementing it. Join the revolution now and find out more!

NAFEMS wishes to recognize and thank each and every one of the event sponsors. Without their support, an event like this would not be possible (and, yes, registration fees would be much higher).

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