Seb Dewhurst – Topic Moderator for Simulation Apps

Dr. Sebastian (Seb) Dewhurst obtained a First Class degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Oxford in 1988. His under-graduate internship was at NASA’s Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center, and focused on wind-tunnel testing of turbine blade cascades.

In 1993 he obtained his Doctorate from Oxford. His doctoral thesis, “Fluid Flow Studies using Three-Dimensional Laser Doppler Anemometry”, covered subjects such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and data visualization.

In 1993, Seb moved to the USA (again!), taking a business development role with AEA Technology’s Engineering Software group, focusing on delivering CFD software (CFX) and services to customers in a variety of industries.

In 2000, he proposed a new software product (later to become EASA), with a goal of helping customers democratize not only CFD models, but ANY engineering or mathematical model.

In 2008, Seb oversaw a management buy-out of EASA, which continues to grow and to serve diverse customers such as AIG, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, Pfizer, and Procter & Gamble. EASA’s capabilities continue to grow, and it has become the industry standard for the democratization of engineering models, from Excel spreadsheets and Matlab models, to full 3D FEA and CFD models.

Seb currently serves on the Board of Directors for USF’s Research Foundation, and also for USF’s Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board (MEAB).