Barna Szabo – Topic Moderator for Simulation Governance

Dr. Barna Szabó is Co-Founder and Chairman of Engineering Software Research and Development, Inc. (ESRD), a company whose mission is to create and market software tools for the advancement of the quality, reliability and timeliness of information that serves engineering decision-making processes.

Dr. Szabó was a full-time member of the faculty of the School of Applied Science and Engineering of Washington University in St. Louis from 1968 until his retirement as the Albert P. and Blanche Y. Greensfelder Professor of Mechanics in 2006. His areas of expertise include mathematical modeling techniques, error estimation and quality control procedures in finite element analysis, methods for controlling modeling errors in engineering computations and assurance of the reliability of engineering decisions based on computed information.

Dr. Szabó has been advocating the need for simulation governance, that is, the exercise of command and control over all aspects of numerical simulation. The key elements of simulation governance are verification, validation, uncertainty quantification and standardization of routine analysis and design procedures.

Dr. Szabó is the principal author of two textbooks on finite element analysis (John Wiley & Sons, 1991 and 2011), both co-authored by Prof. Ivo Babuska, and has published over two hundred technical papers, mostly on the finite element method. Dr. Szabó is an external member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the St. Louis Academy of Sciences, holds an honorary doctorate and is a founding member and fellow of the US Association for Computational Mechanics. He is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Missouri.