About the Rev-Sim Initiative

What We Believe: Democratizing Simulation

Advanced simulation should be safely accessible to everyone – not just the experts. Democratized Simulation makes analysis more powerful and capable for CAE experts while accessible, safe and reliable for non-experts.  RevolutionInSimulation.Org is a public resource center containing information related to a movement gaining momentum throughout the simulation world – the Democratization of Simulation.

Here, you’ll find the latest news, articles, presentations, videos, webinars, success stories and related materials. You’ll also have access to industry experts, organizations, and service and software providers who can help you leverage this revolution and maximize the ROI of your simulation investments.

Who We Are

The Revolution in Simulation non-profit seeking initiative and the Rev-Sim.org website are the results of an open collaboration and alliance between a number of leading simulation industry professionals who have volunteered their time, expertise, and passion.

We are especially thankful for the contributions from the many Topic Moderators who curate the topics found on the “How it Works” pages and other simulation experts. These individuals, who are all volunteers and receive no compensation from participation, serve as our Board of Advisors. We are equally appreciative of the Founding Sponsors who have also given their time, talent and money to help jump-start the Revolution in Simulation platform.

Finally, the Revolution in Simulation Executive Operating Committee consists of the following individuals who have contributed much of their time and experience over recent months:

Malcolm Panthaki, Founder & CTO of Comet Solutions, and now VP of Analysis Solutions at Aras, may be reached at malcolm@rev-sim.org when he is not out pursuing his other deep love, nature photography. He has devoted most of his professional career to making simulation more accessible, first to the experts, and now, since the early 2000’s to the democratization of simulation throughout the enterprise. As one of the initial group of industry experts involved in the ASSESS Initiative, he realized a need that wasn’t being met, and decided to rally the troops to create the Revolution in Simulation online community, to provide end-users with all the resources needed to democratize simulation. Connect with Malcolm on LinkedIn.

Rich McFall,  Managing Practice Director at PLM Alliances LLC, may be contacted at rich@rev-sim.org except when he is unplugged out on a trip exploring other countries and cultures. His professional passion is helping to build partnerships, alliances, and communities across the different  market segments within the larger global PLM ecosystem, including CAE. He was drawn to work with the Revolution in Simulation initiative because of his experience that the greatest innovations often come from new or small-midsize independent software providers who by forming alliances can do more faster than status-quo market leaders. Connect with Rich on LinkedIn.

Bob Farrell, Jr., Founder of Farrell MarCom Services LLC may be contacted at bob@rev-sim.org  unless he is out working on his golf game.  Bob provides marketing communications / content marketing services to B2B technology companies.  His career began at SDRC (now Siemens PLM) and along the way Bob has provided services for companies focused on new product development, product data interoperability, simulation, manufacturing and supply chain software.  He sees democratized simulation as the next big industry game changer. Connect with Bob on LinkedIn.

Scott Botkins, Webmaster Scott Botkins may be reached at scott@rev-sim.org when he is not off the grid and fly fishing somewhere in the Great Smoky Mountains.

How To Contribute and Participate

We invite others to join us as there are many opportunities to volunteer and participate regardless of your years of experience or special interests. Contact us now.

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