4 Questions 4: David Freed

Dr. David Freed, OnScale CTO, is a long-time CFD engineer with a background in thermal fluids simulation, aeroacoustics, multi-phase flow, and the Lattice Boltzmann method.  These days he’s focused on making powerful, reliable CAE a delightful experience on the cloud for a wide range of users.

And as if all of this doesn’t keep him busy enough, David also volunteers as a moderator for our Multiphysics Simulation “How it Works” topic area.

Let’s learn a little more about David with four quick questions.

Q: What do you see as the biggest obstacles in the world of Engineering Simulation?

Usability.  Great strides have been made in available computational power and algorithms capable of representing ever-more complex physical phenomena, but overall the technology is too hard to use.  As a result, usage remains limited.

Q: What are some of the ways OnScale helps its customers to overcome these and similar challenges?

We strive to make Engineering Simulation accessible and usable with “Solve”, our cloud-native subscription-based product.  Our customers appreciate the intuitive, hassle-free experience.

Q: Where are we headed… where do you see the simulation industry ten years down the road?

At OnScale we strongly believe that in ten years, most engineering simulation will be cloud based and make heavy use of automation, especially leveraging ML/AI models, to greatly assist the user in setting up and analyzing their simulation studies and relieve them of having to worry about numerical details like mesh generation and solver options.  Users will choose software that makes it straightforward to get reliable results without having years of expertise.

Q: OK, enough about business. What do you enjoy doing away from work in your free time?  Any interesting hobbies?

I like traveling to new places, reading the latest science news, and playing squash – the sport not the vegetable.

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